Neck pain, stiff or soreness in the neck/ shoulder girdle can cause quite severe pain or it may be quite mild depending on the cause. It can be associated with mild to severe stiffness with or without headaches and migraine type headaches. If the nerves from the neck leading to the arm and hand are disturbed, then you may get 'brachial neuritis' which is like sciatica only in the arm not the leg. This is a very painful condition.

An osteopathic examination  and diagnosis will determine if your condition is suitable for osteopathic treatment or if you should be referred back to your GP for medical treatment. Sometimes osteopathic treatment may be approriate alongside medical care

As osteopaths we work to release the areas of stiffness and ease those parts working too hard, so that a greater balance of workload is achieved throughout the spine. In addition to your neck and shoulders we will treat other parts of your body as they may be involved in an underlying causation. For example a pain or stiffness in the foot may cause an imbalance in the way you walk. This may then affect your posture in the lower spine and so influence the neck. Osteopaths have to look at the whole body not just the area of pain or discomfort in order to treat the true cause of your condition, not just the symptoms.