In this section we discuss the very important inter-relationship between the mind and the body, how one affects the other. This is a vast topic and can only be covered briefly on this website.

Virtually every thought you have affects your body on a physical level. Some scientists are now considering that the heart organ is the 'brains brain'! Research is finding out that nerve plexi in the heart tissue responds before the brain to many situations. The Heart Math Institute in California has been doing some fascinating research in this field. How often do you get a feeling about something before you think about it? This is you experiencing your heart responding before the brain. This then send signals to the brain and the autonomic nervous system causing us to relax or tense up in response. 


Osteopathic treatment is a hands on treatment to the body tissues. However just as massage can be relaxing so osteopathy can have a profound benefit to the state on both the mind and body. Osteopathy brings about a relaxing and rejuvenating influence on the body and nervous system.

NLP & Life-coaching

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a psychological approach which developed in the 1970's. Since that time it has gained favour all over the world and is now used in counselling, life coaching and in business marketing.

Tim Marris trained as an NLP (click this link for more about NLP life-coaching) practitioner in 2005 and gained his Master Practitioner certification in 2012.