We all should know that a balanced lifestyle is necessary in our life for many reasons, yet we all from time to time get it out of balance.

For short periods this is ok and a natural part of life, however if allowed to continue for longer periods, there can be consequences...

If we overdo things on a physical level, we get fatigue and tiredness in the body, Our posture becomes disturbed and our muscles less efficient. We increase our risk of injury, aches and pains. 

If we overdo things on a mental level then we get stressed, irritable, anxious and again fatigued, yet often unable to sleep soundly as our brain stays too active at night, unable to switch off. Our mental clarity, learning capacity and concentration levels become depleted and we are more likely to make mistakes. 

So do take a few minutes and be honest with yourself, does your life need rebalancing? Maybe the issue is work associated, maybe on a social or relationship level, maybe for other reasons. 

If you realise that your life does need some rebalance but are unsure how to go about achieving it, Life Coaching can help tremendously. Having someone professionally trained to objectively help you, who is not involved in your life can make all the difference. 

Give Tim Marris a call today if you need life-coaching help to put your ife back into balance.