The Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy (SCCO)

The SCCO is a postgraduate teaching organisation for teaching qualified osteopaths the gentle and subtle methods of 'cranial osteopathy'. They teach courses both in the UK and in mainland Europe.

This is an organisation I have been strongly associated with since its origins in 1984, having been a founding member.

Their website has very good public information about osteopathy, especially the gentle cranial osteopathy approach.

Click here for their home page. 

Click here: 'About Osteopathy' for information on cranial osteopathy and some of its applications.

Here is also a link to the list of osteopaths who have taken cranial osteopathic training with the college. 'Members' on the listing are less experienced in using cranial osteopathy than the 'Fellows'.

The Institute of Osteopathy (IO)

The IO is a body giving information to the public about osteopathy in addition to offering help and advice to the profession.

General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)

The GOsC is the regulating council for the osteopathic profession. Their website contains information about the profession as a whole, osteopathic training, the public register of all osteopaths in the UK, finding an osteopath, information leaflets in addition to advice if you have a complaint about your practitioner (if this can't be resolved with a discussion with your practitioner).

To find a therapist other than an osteopath (see above), please go to Find a Therapist:

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