30 - 45 YEARS OF AGE

As we enter our 30's and into the mid 40's we are still being very active with our sports and hobbies, our job demands are increasing and families growing.

During this time our spine starts getting a little stiffer, though not as much as in later years. This is a time to re-evaluate your sports and hobbies to ensure your spine and joints are managing the demands of your activity. If they are, then great - carry on enjoying your activity. If especially if you are entering your 40's and your sport is very physical it may be appropriate to modify it. Much of this will depend on how your spine and joints are working.

An osteopathic check up to ensure that you can still enjoy your chosen sport without being at risk to your body is a great idea. Tim will be happy to give you a full osteopathic assessment and advice.

During our 30's and 40's we progress in our career or have family/parenting commitments. these can be both wonderful but also bring with them added responsibilities and demands - both physically and mentally. Osteopathy during such times can be very beneficial to the mind and body. 

The mid-life crisis: This so called event can happen to people between the ages of 40 and 55, though not everyone has to experience it. It signals a significant change in life circumstances. It does not have to be a negative experience but can be a positive change: a house move - maybe to a new location, new relationship or perhaps a career change, and sometimes all of these. Osteopathy and NLP life-coaching are highly valuable during this phase as they can support your mind and body, smoothing out this big life transition.