45 - 65 YEARS OF AGE

As we enter our late 40's through to our mid 60's our life is continuing to re-shape.

Our children are fleeing the nest and our life at home takes on a different perspective - back to being just a couple again. Work is still full on as we now have much experience in what we do but this can come with excess demands. Maybe by now your role is that of a senior manager or an executive, which comes with all the stress of responsibility for others and the company.

We should still be taking part in physical activities to keep our health in good order but it has to be in keeping with our physical and structural wellbeing. (See 30-45 years section). Osteopathic check ups during this time of life should be considered on a regular basis as our spine is now undergoing much change and the discs joints and muscles can become more at risk of back, neck or joint injury /strain.

As you enter your 60's the mind naturally starts considering:

"What happens when I stop work and retire?"

This brings about another powerful change in life circumstances which need to be prepared for. NLP life-coaching is excellent at assisting this preparation for change.