The 5 - 18 year age group

The school years are times of massive change. Growing up brings with it changes and demands on our physical body - our muscles, joints and spine, changes to our mind and emotions, and changes in our relationships to our family and friends, and of course ... changes to the mind with our learning. The demands of these changes can at times be stressful to either the mind or body.

Also during our school years we become more adventurous! We climb trees, we have falls, we learn to ride bikes, we start sports and more demanding physical activities. School bags get bigger and heavier putting strain on young shoulders. our posture makes big changes during these years and our body framework grown from childhood to adulthood.  

During these important years, Tim Marris  can help and support these childhood and teenage changes with osteopathic treatment and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) life coaching. By reducing the stress in the mind and body, learning becomes easier, remembering better and sports and physical activitiesmore enjoyable.