The most important thing about retirement - is not to!

Retirement is about retiring from one type of activity and taking up a new one or an existing one in a new manner. Some of you who work for yourselves may not retire until much later than the government pension age. Others may get part time jobs or if finances allow, take up new activities and hobbies now that you have more time.

There was a documentary on TV (in UK 16 Sept 2014) about retirement. They interviewed a man who took up karate at age 60 and now at the age of 80, is a 4th Dan black belt and runs a karate club! 

An osteopathic colleague of mine retired from practice at age 75 but in 2017 at the age of 85 he is still working part time, giving postgraduate lectures to qualified osteopaths.

Now we are not suggesting you do the same, but the principle remains:

You are never too old to start doing something you enjoy. Do what you love doing! Physical activity keeps your circulation in a better state and keeps the body tissues well lubricated (as long as you drink plenty of water). Mental stimulation is good for the brain cells and keeps the mind healthy.  

At this time degenerative conditions in the spine, neck or joints may develop:

The spine and joints may develop arthritis.The circulation can get sluggish and varicose veins appear.The digestion less able to assimilate nutrients. etc etc.

Here osteopathic check ups on the health of your spine, joints and general physiology are of premium benefit. Regular osteopathic treatments are like getting your car regularly serviced. Osteopathy does not necessarily make your body younger, but like a regularly serviced car, it does help make it last longer! This helps to ensure you enjoy a long lasting and healthy '3rd age' of your life.