PREGNANCY Osteopathy

The 9 months of pregnancy are months of continual change for the mother.

Each trimester brings with it its own trials and tribulations.

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The early months bring the surprise and joy of finding yourself pregnant, the start of thinking about names and maybe coping with morning sickness.

The second trimester and you can start to really bloom! Energy levels can rise and you can feel great both physically and emotionally. During this time the spine has to start changing with the increasing size of 'the bump'.

The third trimester brings the joy of expectation, name clarification, and 'nest building' as the urge to repaint the future baby nursery/bedroom comes out of seemingly nowhere! This is also the time when your spine has to cope with the greatest demand with the ever growing bump. As you can see from the photo, postural changes become quite marked in the latter stages of pregnancy. (This lady looks like she is having her first child, so if this is your second pregnancy or more, then the postural changes are even greater than this photo demonstrates).

Osteopathic Treatment During Pregnancy

Osteopathic treatment during these special times, aims to allow the spine to cope as best as possible with the natural changes happening to your body. The ligaments, joints and muscles need to adapt to the increasing postural demands, especially in the latter stages. However even during the second trimester the spine is undergoing change and can be at risk if you over-do your activities.

Osteopathy: helping the pelvis prepare for the birth

To ensure that your pelvic muscles and joints are in the best level of health and suppleness, so that they can be ready for the demands of labour, osteopathic treatment, especially the gentle 'cranial' osteopathic approach is particularly recommended during this time.

If you wish to discuss your pregnancy and how osteopathic care can assist you, do give Tim a call.