Osteopathy is a form of medicine which looks at the reasons why we stopped being healthy, what stopped our body preventing aches and pains from occurring. As osteopaths we don't only look at the primarily conditions, but assess the whole person, the mind as well as the body, to help the person who has the condition.

By helping the circulation, the breathing, the digestion as well as the muscles, joint and ligaments, many aspects of the person can be helped.

Helping reduce the physical tensions in the brain and the nervous system can reduce emotional tensions, stress and anxiety too, as these can become locked in the body tissues and be released by skilled osteopathic treatment. 

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

When both the conscious and unconscious mind (that part we are not aware of) work in parallel, not fighting and blocking each other (as commonly happens), our mind becomes very powerful (but considerate) and 'laser like'.

This laser like mind enables us to achieve those things which were just outside our grasp and enable us to take our life to higher levels, for the good of both ourselves and others.

Tim uses his 'Master Practitioner' NLP skills to help his patients get greater fulfilment and success from life.

Videos on Osteopathy & NLP plus a TEDx talk

on how our thinking changes our posture

Tim Marris discusses Osteopathy,
Cranial Osteopathy and Life Coaching

Here Tim Marris discusses his approach to osteopathic diagnosis/treatment and how drawing on his many years of experience he could help you to feel better in mind and body here in Ashford, Kent. For a video about Tim Marris' worldwide reputation and extensive CV please click here.

Tim Marris was one of only a few people selected in 2017 by the University of Kent to give a TEDx talk.  In this video presentation he discusses and demonstrates how our thinking style affects our physical posture. Although not mentioned in the TEDx talk, osteopathic treatment can help reverse the conditions demonstrated in the video.

As a highly experienced osteopath, NLP practitioner, and Allied Health Professional, Tim Marris, based in Ashford, Kent, looks to assess the whole body not just the areas of pain and discomfort to achieve a truly holistic diagnosis.

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Image showing every day hobbies of gardening and cycling

Treatments aiding injuries

Osteopaths, in addition to making a medical diagnosis, look to establish why your body could no longer maintain its health and develop symptoms. Tim uses the same approach with his NLP work to address the underlying problems.

Unless a sudden accident, or an infection, your body does not suddenly develop symptoms. There is always a period of time when your body was under tension and stress, before the symptoms became noticeable. It is only when the symptoms become noticeable, that aches and pains occur. The onset can be from mechanical or psychological causes as both affect the body tissues.

Even an infection needs a weaker immune system before it can take hold and make you become ill. Joint aches and pains only express those strains after they can no longer cope with the mechanical forces which have been acting on them for a while.

As an example, if you regularly engage in a sport or hobby:
It could be anything, such as:  running, swimming, football, gardening, sitting to play chess, cards or Scrabble, horse riding, sitting at tablets or computers long periods, etc. etc. Any activity where you spend some time doing it, it will affect your joints and muscles (even from your sitting posture). Then one day some joints in your body start to hurt (spine or in your limbs), or it could arise as aches and pains in your muscles. The reason it came on that day very often can't be understood e.g.

 "I was just bending over to pick up a letter off the floor."

The picking up of the letter off the floor on that day was not the cause of the aches and pains, because this person had picked up thousands of letters off the floor over the past 10 years and none of those times caused the aches and pains to start!!

The real problem is more likely to have been the way the person had been doing their sport or hobby, or their seating posture at home or work etc.  - in a way which was slowly putting a mechanical tension on the body over the years which on picking up the letter that particular morning was 'the final straw which broke the camel's back'!

Tim as a highly experienced osteopath looks to find out the real cause not just the surface problem, and correct that issue in addition to the surface problems.

This is just one simple example, but there can be many other reasons for a gradual build up of underlying tensions in the body (like the large part of the iceberg under the water which can't be seen'). These hidden tensions can be both physical tensions and/or psychological tensions.