Your initial osteopathic consultation

Phone  (0044) 7886 606235  today to make your appointment

1) I have moved my clinic to work from my home address. I very strongly advise the use of a 'SatNav' to help you find the address.

On arrival, please park on our driveway so as not to disturb the immediate neighbours.  Thank you.

2) After parking on our driveway, please stay in your car until I ether text you or come out to meet you as I may be sanitising the room in preparation for your visit, when you arrive.:

3) Toilet: This is immediately inside the front door of the house. However, the house front door will be closed for security reasons whilst your consultation takes place. So if your require the toilet facilities, just mention (before or after your session) to Tim that you need to use the toilet and  he will unlock the house door giving you easy access. 

The first visit will last approximately one hour and will consist of an initial discussion about your condition, and examination and the first treatment.

This holistic approach enables me to help you with a wide range of conditions. 

Where appropriate, advice is always given to prevent recurrence of the condition.

When you come for Osteopathy at the KPCH Business Park in Ashford, Tim is looking for a partnership where you both work together to create the health you deserve. 

Osteopathy is an approach of medicine that looks at the whole body, not just the part which is causing symptoms. We consider your muscles and joints, your nervous system, your heart and circulation in addition to your body organs, when making a diagnosis. It is an approach which mainly looks at the mechanical function of the body i.e. the way the body moves. Tim will take into account the influence of the mind, diet and nutrition as well as work and social factors, all of which can be contributing factors to the aches and pains.

Osteopathic treatment can take a variety of approaches some being more vigorous and others extremely gentle. Tim chooses to use the very gentle approaches wherever possible for maximum patient comfort.

The initial 20-30 minute discussion of your case history gives you the opportunity to describe your condition and its development, what affects it and what helps it. Sometimes people find it useful to make some notes about their condition and bring them along to the 1st appointment.

The initial examination usually requires the removal of clothing (leaving on your underwear). This allows for an osteopathic examination of your spine and posture in addition to other areas of your physiology (after the spinal examination you can re-dress yourself). if you would feel more comfortable bringing a chaperone with you, that is perfectly understandable and will be respected. See below.

Reflex tests and your blood pressure may also be taken if considered necessary. This will then be followed by a 'hands on' osteopathic evaluation of your body to evaluate areas of good and less good health of the tissues.

After the taking of the case history and osteopathic examination Tim Marris will discuss his findings and then either (following your consent) give you your first treatment of if more appropriate, refer you to another health professional. Quite often people have osteopathic treatment alongside other aspects of medical care. You will be given advice as to pain management, exercises, best activities etc. as appropriate for you condition.

Usually, on subsequent visits the removal of clothing is not required, unless your practitioner considers an osteopathic re-examination necessary.

Do I need a chaperone?

If you would feel more comfortable bringing along a friend or relative, that is perfectly acceptable. Most patients prefer to come on their own, preferring the confidentiality of a one to one consultation. As an adult it is up to you to take this decision. 

When treating children under five years old, or children five to sixteen years of age (under the age of majority) a chaperone should attend the consultation - preferably a parent.