Stress or Tension Headaches / Stress Caused Headaches can be quite disabling  

Tension Headaches / Stress Headaches can be quite disabling and not always having the underlying cause in the head, but often elsewhere in your spine 

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Tensions and symptoms arising around the back of your head, where it meets the top of your neck or the top of your head or over the forehead can lead to head tension and headache. These may be with or without a throbbing headache and may radiate to other areas. 

If you get tension headaches or  stress headaches, you will be very aware of just how much this can affect you, Often your concentration reduces or disappears altogether. If you get tension headaches or workplace stress related headaches then your effectiveness and decision making ability also  becomes significantly less productive. 

Sadly the effect of tension headaches is not just limited to the head area. Muscles and soft tissues which attach to the skull also directly link to the shoulder girdle and the base of your spine. Consequently tension headaches can arise where the primary area of tension is not in the head but elsewhere in your body such as from back pains. 

If you have a foot problem this could cause an imbalance in your pelvis leading to spinal tension and tension headaches.  Often such headaches may be misdiagnosed by your GP as stress headaches or tension headaches. This is why an osteopathic diagnosis is so important as we can make a whole body diagnosis and evaluate the real underlying reason and cause.

Tim Marris is a highly acclaimed international lecturer on cranial osteopathy.  See CV page. Consequently he brings a wealth of experience to help you and your condition. 

Go to the web page on Workplace Stress and Tension for a very full explanation of how stress can affect a whole range of body symptoms. 

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The Causes of Stress and Tension Headaches

The causes of tension headaches can be quite variable. As a highly skilled osteopath with an international reputation, Tim Marris in Ashford Kent, is able to decide if the headaches could be arising from a more serious condition requiring medical help or could be helped by osteopathy and cranial osteopathy. 

Our posture, if causing long term mechanical tensions will create tension in the tissues of the  head: the head muscles, the cranial bones and the meninges (protective tissues between the brain and the bones of the skull).

Osteopathic treatment

Osteopathic treatment especially the very gently 'cranial osteopathy' approach, is an excellent help for such headaches. Although not a miracle cure, most people notice a benefit after one or two treatments. Attending and resolving the underlying cause of your problem (which may have been present for a number of years) may take longer. 

If your stress headache is coming from a stressful aspect of your life, Tim will ask if you wish him to draw on his Life coaching and NLP skills to help you on that level in addition to osteopathy. 

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